Important Brown Dog Studio Tidbits

Sunday, May 30, 2010

blog...according to the Brown Dog

Taking a Memorial Day break from the studio, so this entry will be a collaboration with Miso (aka "the brown dog"). She wants to recognize all of you great dog owners and everyone else who is curious about the studio namesake. Miso inhales her own kibble with the same gusto as
stray morsels of human food. She loves walks, squirrels, the comforts of heat and A/C, and only tolerates the camera when Sarah has crackers in her pocket.

This week's give-away is or your pet can say "hello" to Miso via a comment at the end of this entry, e-mail, or by "liking" the Brown Dog Studio Facebook page (click on the link in the don't have to friend Sarah, so no one will view your FB page!)
Miso insists I give the random winner a silver or copper 1" disk "dogtag" with their choice of inscription, which doesn't have to be dog-related :) The "lucky dog" will be announced in Friday's blog entry.

Remember I'll be at Jazz in June on Tuesday evenings, starting tomorrow. I also plan to be at the Piedmont Market this Saturday, from 8 until noon. I love visitors!


  1. How clever, Miso! Bart and Jackson say hi! Jackson will share his toys if you play toss and fetch with him--we think he has a little retriever in him, even if he is only nine pounds!! Are you a retriever too?

  2. Hello Bart and Jackson, I'm pointer (Hungarian, if you want to sound fancy!), but love to catch a ball if I'm not busy treeing a squirrel.