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Brown Dog Studio FAQs

Answers to your questions...

Where can I find your charms/jewelry?
Because I've gotten so busy with my customers (thank you!), I'm no longer selling my charms in stores (except during a trunk show). One of my favorite parts of the studio is working with YOU, helping you put together pretties for gifts and yourself. I miss that if my jewelry is in someone's shop! You'll have to find ME to buy my jewelry:)
The ONE fun exception is a small ever-changing selection of sweet grab and go necklaces offered at Simply Bungalow, the great shop that has been hosting all of my open houses!
Or...come find me at one of the MANY art/craft shows I have listed on the blog...come to a studio Open House

Can you do custom orders?
I'd LOVE to make something just for YOU! Brown Dog Studio began when friends and strangers (new friends!) started asking me to make glass photo charms like the ones I was wearing of my kids...In addition to custom glass charms (photos, special words...), I also offer personalized silver and so much more! Come to one of my shows or check out my WEBSITE to see some examples of what I can make for you, or maybe I'll have a NEW idea! I'll ask you to pay for your item before I start working on it, and my work time is usually 2-3 weeks. That can change during the busy season.

Do you do "parties"?
Due to the studio's busy schedule, I am not currently offering private trunk shows. Parties are not something offered by artists!

Do you sell wholesale?
Brown Dog Studio IS me...I don't have worker bees in the back, filling orders:)
The customers/friends who find me at shows and art fairs are the reason I now work full-time in the studio. Because there is no "middle man," YOU, my dear customers, are getting the best possible deal I offer on my jewelry. I've made the decision that I am no longer able to keep up with my very busy show schedule and supply shop accounts.

I need something FAST...can I just pop in and shop?
I am busy making pretties in my studio, as well as running a family (hubby, 3 kiddos, and the brown dog!).  I am often SOMEWHERE you can find me on Saturdays.  In order to enjoy my family-time/work efficiently, I don't open my home/studio for shopping. Check out my website and I'll be happy to ship your pretties to YOU!

I forgot about Susie's birthday...can you get my order done FAST?
Well...I do all of my work in groups, and if you missed the day I started a group of glass charms/silver, your order is with the next group.  For this reason, I cannot promise orders faster than 2 weeks, or all of my other orders get pushed to the side.  You can give Susie my "a special gift is on the way" card for her special day!

I do all of my shipping in a USPS priority box. The small mailer lets me ship several charms, and more for $6. Once you pass a certain number of charms, which is quite a few, I'll have to bump it up to the larger mailer. I've only had to do that on a handful of occasions :)

What if I don't just LOVE my new pretties?
I HOPE that never happens...I work very hard to make sure that everything I make is oh-so-special, and take whatever input (size, colors, cropping of photos) you've given me into consideration when I make your jewelry. Some of this process involves "artist interpretation," when I'm not sent a photo sized and cropped exactly as you want it. Also remember that I'm an artist, not a "one-size"'re getting the little variances that go along with having artisan-made jewerly. Hooray!
If I've made a mistake on the order such as misspelling Jayne's name, I will replace the item, unless YOU sent me the make sure that you don't have any typos in your instructions.
If you're just unhappy with your item, and it's a custom made piece, I cannot issue a refund, but you are welcome to order and pay for a new piece.
Did I miss an important question?  Let me know!