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Wednesday, June 15, 2011

What's new this week?

I've been working on CHARMS this week...I have a lovely list of "want-to's" that I'm working through, until I get distracted with another fun idea in the studio ;)

Before I show off a bit of the NEW...remember
Studio hours this week...Thurs 10-2
Benson Summerfest in Omaha...this Saturday, June 18, from 9-5
I'll be back at Piedmont NEXT Saturday (June 25)

Now...Enjoy :)

These are some of the colorful bubbles I worked on last week...

These are a FEW of the new Bubble Drops...I started out with about 20 in I stopped at nearly 100...but OH-so FUN! (and more on the way!)

A start of this week's bitties...oh my! I'm embarassed to say how many I have planned.

I started playing with dotties and patina...and couldn't stop!

I even added the special finish to some of the nearly 500 SALE art charms I had for the studio sale. These religious art charms will remain on sale in the studio for $5 each, until they are gone.

I'll post more new pretties NEXT week...wish me lots of time for my ideas.

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