Important Brown Dog Studio Tidbits

Monday, August 2, 2010

...more jewelry

Hastings Art-in-the-Park was so much fun. The organizers did a great job, the crowds were friendly, and the summer heat was not over-the-top-HOT like we've seen in the past few weeks. Lucy and I learned how to assemble and take down our new tent...we are WOMEN with tools:) We even attached a photo of the Brown Dog to the tent to point out the studio muse when asked about the name, and boy were we asked! Lucy was thrilled with the number of 4-legged, furry visitors that accompanied their owners to the park.

Somehow we managed to forget we brought the camera...I think it was the last-minute run I made to Walmart 10 minutes before the show to purchase camp chairs (which we'd forgotten in Lincoln)! So all I have to show is a close-up of one of the new shirts I made for us to wear at shows.

Sold lots of charms, some new silver and necklaces...had great requests/suggestions for charms that made me think, "why did I never think of that?" I'll let you find these this fall when they're in my new line-up!

For this week's give-away I have a request...ideas for occupations, hobbies and maps...some of them will make it into my inventory...add those ideas here or on the studio Facebook page and you'll be entered in the random drawing for a free $12 charm, winner to be announced here on Friday! I have so much work planned for this week...inspired (!), but we're off to the movies with my auntie this afternoon...lovin' the stay-cation:)


  1. Sarah, thank you for my new charms!! I have enjoyed wearing them.

    For some ideas about charms, how about fire helmets,fire trucks, ect. with words on the back saying; hero, wife of a fire fighter, my #1 hero is a fire fighter. Or you could place a fire fighter on the front and place st. floren on the back. I bet you could get Lincoln's fire logal online too.

    Here's hoping for another charm :)

  2. A map idea could use different national parks; Yellowstone, Glacier, even Halsey for NE folks, to remind people of beautiful places they have visited.

    Thanks for the chance to win a charm!

  3. LOVE the idea of a patron saint with occupation. Also, national parks and NE sites...keep those ideas coming:)

  4. Here are my thoughts for upcoming charms, pumpkins, fall leaves, Halloween. How about landmarks in Lincoln? I think Kate's idea of maps are cool too.

  5. I would vote for a charm promoting my daughter cheer competition team that she is on. Nebraska Cheer Center - Titans. I would love one with her pic or name on it in her colors. Shimmering turquoise or peacock blue.