Important Brown Dog Studio Tidbits

Sunday, May 30, 2010

blog...according to the Brown Dog

Taking a Memorial Day break from the studio, so this entry will be a collaboration with Miso (aka "the brown dog"). She wants to recognize all of you great dog owners and everyone else who is curious about the studio namesake. Miso inhales her own kibble with the same gusto as
stray morsels of human food. She loves walks, squirrels, the comforts of heat and A/C, and only tolerates the camera when Sarah has crackers in her pocket.

This week's give-away is or your pet can say "hello" to Miso via a comment at the end of this entry, e-mail, or by "liking" the Brown Dog Studio Facebook page (click on the link in the don't have to friend Sarah, so no one will view your FB page!)
Miso insists I give the random winner a silver or copper 1" disk "dogtag" with their choice of inscription, which doesn't have to be dog-related :) The "lucky dog" will be announced in Friday's blog entry.

Remember I'll be at Jazz in June on Tuesday evenings, starting tomorrow. I also plan to be at the Piedmont Market this Saturday, from 8 until noon. I love visitors!

Friday, May 28, 2010

computer vs. studio time!

I LOVE my in-studio time, creating items to take to Market/show or working on custom orders. I have some FUN beauties people have requested this week, in addition to personal photos...VWs, tiny nail polish bottles, "worthy," "believe," eagles, LOTS of new initials (funny how I seem to always run out of "M"s!), and more. I'm working on fun new silver, hopefully done in time for Jazz in June (starts this Tuesday, 5-9).

I TRY to balance my studio time with the computer. I read and send e-mails. I add to this blog...hard to keep it brief, you know I love to talk :). And now...Facebook. I fought it forever; I can never do anything halfway and worried how to balance the personal and business side of FB.

So...I have 2 accounts. If you look at my sidebar, there's a link to find Brown Dog Studio (my studio page) on FB. If you are a "fellow FB-er," look me up, "like" me (please?). You don't have to become my friend; I don't have access to your FB site, unless you invite me later on :)

Most of my comments this week came via e-mails, but Debbie was the random winner of the "lucky penny charm." Contact me, Debbie. I look forward to seeing many friends at the Piedmont Market tomorrow (8-12). I can't wait to see what produce might be there!

Oh...I cleaned my studio...Yippee!

Monday, May 24, 2010 a bright copper penny

My original idea this week was to focus on teachers and follow my train of thought :)

...that led to graduations and other new beginnings with dates babies, anniversaries, birthdays...

And off I went, on the hunt for a 1991 penny for Todd's and my 19 years married this month!

I added a few into some silver necklace designs I've made.
This charm necklace also holds glass charms (a pretty version of the CLIP). It could be a gift for a teacher, or a graduate.

This necklace could be for an anniversary (mine!), or a new marriage. my penny frame of mind, I'd like to hear your two cents for my give-away this week. Comment here on my blog or e-mail me what date YOU would like to wear or one that you would give as a GIFT. Someone will win a personalized "lucky penny charm" on Friday.
Shh...I'm making one for my sister's birthday!

I'll be at the Piedmont market again on Saturday (8-12), but will not have my regular Thursday Studio hours this week. It's the kids' last day of school and I am momma-taxi. If you need me this week, give me a call, or I'll see you at the Market!

Saturday, May 22, 2010

...home again, home again...

What fun!!! A cloudy, windy day with the HINT of rain turned SUNNY (and windy!); but a little bit of wind can't blow away trays of glass charms! I had fun people to visit with...Lucy, other vendors, some new shoppers...and a few of you who came looking just for me :) . I made it home with 3 tomato plants and this LOVELY asparagus. So I'm stretching it a bit, but the photo is of our produce and some seed packet charms. I plan to make it to the Piedmont Market again next week (Saturday 8-12). I LOVE this opening up the back of my van, and I was surprised at how efficient 2 tables could be.
This week's give-away winner (a $12 glass charm) was Emily, who commented via e-mail.

Friday, May 21, 2010

A little bird told me...

Isnt this little birdie SWEET?! I got him from my friend, Stephanie of Pixybug Designs at a bead show in Omaha. Her husband makes these cuties, and I had to have some of them, but I may NEED more! I only have a few, so if you are wanting these little guys, let me know so that I can order MORE.

I'm still planning on the Piedmont Market Saturday morning, from 8-12. It's at Cotner and A Streets. I'll have all of my charms, a bit of silver, and some of my Father's Day ideas available for orders. Let's see how much I can fit on TWO tables! No really, it's all I can have! Hope to see you there!
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Monday, May 17, 2010

To Market, to Market...

It's a PLAN! I'm signed up to hit the Piedmont Markets on Saturdays, and weather permitting, will be there this Saturday, May 22, from 8-12. You can find the Market at Cotner and A Streets (don't look for me downtown, I'd hate to miss you!). I hope to be at the Piedmont Market twice a month over the summer, and I'll let you know each week, in this blog, if I plan to be there.

I'm previewing some Father's Day ideas this week. I'll take orders via phone, e-mail, at the Piedmont market, or in my studio Thursdays 10-2.

One great idea for Dad (or any GUY) is this thick, black leather band with one of my Silver Twist-ies (TM). You can request children's names, a quote, a verse from scripture. I have more silver that can be added to this manly bracelet, or a heavier leather cuff.

1-inch copper or sterling disks on keyring. Personalize them with names, dates, your sentiments for Dad, that quote he's famous for! Also great for Grandpa (grandkids' names)!

For this week's give-away, I'd love to hear dad memories, quotes, famous words. These don't have to be ideas I can use in the studio...just inspiration for my next few weeks of work! Comment here or in an e-mail to me, and I'll announce the random winner of one free $12 charm, on Friday.

Friday, May 14, 2010

Congrats to Grads

We're in the midst of our own graduation preparations...thank you to all for the inspirational "fly away" wishes for graduates. Becky, you must be one LUCKY girl...another win! Come by for your cutie-silver disk. If you'd like, you can e-mail me in advance with your word choice. When I can breathe, I hope to debut some Father's Day ideas with Monday's comment/give-away.

Monday, May 10, 2010

FLY...Graduates and Give-away

Thinking about graduations...we have one in our household...not one of our children, but my husband, his we're part of the hustle and bustle of these May events!

There were lots of graduation gifts "flying" out of the studio this weekend, and there is still time to find something special (I have open hours on Thursday from 10-2 or you could give a gift certificate!...just phone or e-mail me).

I was thinking that for this week's give-away I'd like to hear YOUR sentiments...special words or quotes...that could apply to graduates. Add your comment here, or e-mail me an idea regarding graduates, and your name will be entered in this week's random drawing (that means you don't have to be the MOST ORIGINAL to win...MY kind of fun!). Don't worry if you have the same "special word" as someone else...that just means it's a GOOD one, and maybe I'll USE it!
Check back on Friday to see who has won...A 1/2 INCH SILVER DISK CHARM with her choice of word.

I'm hoping to pick up a Saturday morning at the Piedmont Market towards the end of May. I'll give exact details before it happens.

Friday, May 7, 2010

Open Studio and Winner

The studio will be open on Saturday from 10-3. I have several custom orders ready to go to happy homes. I still have plenty of gifties for moms.
Lucy was kind enough to help me with the give-away drawing. Trayceetee was the winner this week of her choice of a Brown Dog Studio tshirt or a free $12 charm. E-mail me Trayceetee and I'll put you in the special Winner book!
Watch for my updates on Monday...schedule for Jazz in June (they cashed my check, so I guess that means I'm IN!!!), ideas for Father's Day, and another Give-away!

Monday, May 3, 2010

Rockbrook-Mother's Day Shopping-Giveaway

It's a good thing we snapped a few photos right before the start of the outdoor show at Rockbrook in Omaha on Saturday...we were so busy we never got another chance! The weather was so lovely that I told Lucy and Emily to remind me how rare sunny 70 degree days are when I get the brilliant idea to sign up for July/August shows in the heat of summer.

I wanted to get a photo of the 3 of us in our Brown Dog Studio Tshirts, but the chance never came up again! We showed off the new fancy-schmancy credit card machine, which also took some learning. I had several people I met at Omaha-area shows this spring come find me; met lots of new folks. Thank you everyone who stopped by for a wonderful day... thank you Lucy and Emily for helping me...AND thank you Aunt Anne for bringing 2 folding chairs (although we never had much time to SIT in them!).

Mother's Day Stop-and-Shop hours will be Friday May 7 (10-6) and Saturday May 8 (10-3). I will have all of my custom orders ready for pick-up, and there will be plenty of items ready for gift-giving, or for YOU!

Give-away for this week...your choice of a Brown Dog Studio Tshirt or a $12 charm from my tables. Everyone who posts a comment on this entry will be entered in my random drawing, and the winner will be announced HERE on Friday, so check back then! I'm having so much fun with these give-aways, I'm planning on making this a weekly Monday/Friday event. If I hit 50 posts this week, I'll add a second item in the drawing!